How to install Windows 10 “EASILY”

How to install Windows 10 “EASILY”

Most of the people purchasing a DOS laptop / DOS PC which is cheaper than the windows pc / laptop. DOS (disk operating system) is pre-installed in a laptop or PC, but it is difficult to operate the DOS for daily work. That’s people install windows on DOS PC / laptop. Here we learn how to install Windows 10 in easy steps.

After that people go to their nearest shop for windows installation. Shopkeepers charged money for windows installation or they tried to install windows by themselves. During installation, most of the people face the problem in installing the windows.

Windows Installation Procedure:

I tell you how you install Windows on your PC / Laptop. 1. – You need a bootable Pendrive ( i preferred to use SanDisk Pendrive ). 2. – You need an iso file of Windows if you want to download iso image go to –

3.- Now we ready to install Windows on Pc / Laptop. 4.- After that insert Pendrive in pc/ laptop and start in boot menu mode pressing by F9 to F12 keys. 5.- Select the Pendrive on boot media.

6.- now select the media in this installation I select sony Pendrive for installation. 7.- Now wait for some time installation will be starting its depend on hardware or configuration of your pc/ laptop. After that, a windows Logo appears to wait until the next step.

8.- Here you see an option appear simply tap on next option

9.- Now you see an Install Now option tap on. and wait for the next option.

10.- In the next step you need a windows activation key but if you did not have a key just tap on the option I don’t have a product key.

11.- Now in the next step, it’s your choice to select your favorite edition. (i preferred to select windows 10 pro edition )

12.- After that Accept terms and condition and tap on next option

13.- The Next option is important because most of the people stuck on this option. Here is two option for installation but always select the Custom Install option.

14.- Now select the custom install windows only option.

15. – After that, you see the hard drive option where you want to install windows. If you install windows in a new pc/laptop so you see only one partition. First, you delete all the partitions and after that create a new partition. For creating a new partition just tap on the new option and after that put the Volume. But if you install windows on old laptop/pc then you should only format the partition C, otherwise, you lost your data.

*NOTE*( this new partition is your C drive in which you install windows). IF You have any problem see the next pictures.

16.- After that creation of partition of C also creates Partition of D, E it’s your choice how much you want.

17.- Now tap on partition C and then tap next your pc takes a step ahead to the installation.

18.- Now you see the installation process is starting. Wait until its 100%.

19.- After that full installation PC/Laptop auto restart. and the setup will auto continue after the restarting.

20.- But there is a twist ( note:- after the restart again open boot menu by F keys) and after that now select SATA Drive. Now the setup continues.

21.- All set now you few steps away. after that just select your region and select your keyboard language.

22.- skip select layout keyboard also select I don’t have internet.

23. – after that continue with the limited setup.

24.- Now type your pc name and select the yes and accept all the settings and wait for a few moments.

25. – All set You successfully install Windows in Your Pc/Laptop.

Now you ready to rock and your pc is ready to work for you. You can do all things in your system like daily work, official work and everything you want. I prefer after the windows installation you need to install all the drivers for your systems like Graphics, Audio, Chipset, and other drivers. Drivers are most important to run your windows with fluency. Now you need an antivirus to protect against the virus and help to run the pc without any lags and hangs problem.

Now you learned how to install Windows 10 in any system.

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