How to get genuine ISO from Microsoft

How to get genuine ISO from Microsoft

Genuine ISO helps to improve your system performance. Also, you get the benefit of all the recreational services. You can do so many of your tasks without any lag. Being a genuine ISO it increases your system efficiency to a great extent. If you want a genuine ISO from Microsoft store, I tell you, “How to get GENUINE ISO from Microsoft” very easily.

If you want to upgrade your PC to Windows 10 so you need an ISO. There are many websites available here that can provide you an ISO. But you experience many changes in ISO made by developers which can disappoint you and slow down your PC performance.

Requirement to get genuine ISO

  1. You need a fast internet connection.
  2. Another PC/LAPTOP.
  3. ISO extractor software.

Procedure :

1. Go to your browser and search for Microsoft iso and hit enter. After that go to the first website or you can copy this URL and paste in your browser:

image 1
Search result

2. You will see the Microsoft download page on your browser. Now go to download tool now and download this software on your system.

image 2
Download page

3. After finishing the download go to the download folder on your system and run the software. Now the windows 10 setup popup show on your screen, wait for few minutes after that accept all terms and conditions.

image 3
Setup Popup

4. Now the most important part is in the popup screen there are two options shown on the screen 1. Upgrade this PC now and 2. create installation media. Select, “option 2” now proceed to next. Select the edition whatever you want or use the recommended option then click next.

image 4

5. Now click on the ISO file option. After that select the path where you want to download ISO file then save it.

image 5

6. Your ISO image file is ready to download in the process. Wait until 100 percentage, it depend on your internet speed.

image 6

7. Now you need a software to extract the ISO zip into files. You can download from here:

8. Install the software and extract the zip into folder files. Here’s your ISO file is ready to install

If you want to know how to install windows on the system follow this link:

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