How to add a social media share button to WordPress

How to add a social media share button to WordPress

Are you want to add a social media share button? Want your posts to get shared more? actually, it’s pretty easy.

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Here we bring this post on How to add Social Media share button on WordPress to help you out.

If you reading this blog that means you are definitely working on WordPress and also you want to spread your website or post.
You can do this by adding social media buttons directly into your posts. Adding social media buttons allow the audience to easily share products, services, or content with their friends or family online, thus acting as a promotional tool for you.

Why do we need to add social media buttons & social media sharing icons?

  1. Social media icon to WordPress the best and short way to explain and forward something to anyone, share any post within a second without any trouble.
  2. The biggest advantage of adding social media icons using WordPress menus, social icons widget gives a massive and attractive look, and also it enhances the viewing experience of visitors.
  3. social media icon also helps to generate traffic on your website easily, if you want to catch more traffic without doing so many things. you must add social media buttons & social media sharing buttons on your WordPress post.

Adding Social Media buttons to WordPress Blog :-

I am telling you to step by step procedure on “How to add social media icons to WordPress site”

  • First, go to your WordPress dashboard.
  • Now go to plugins and then hit the button “ADD NEW”.
  • Wait for a couple of seconds and then search ”SOCIAL SNAP” in the search plugin column right side on the top.
  • After you find the Social Snap plugin, click on “Install Now”.
  • After completing the installation, You need to activate that plugin.
  • Now your plugin is activated and ready to use.
  • Go to your WordPress side panel. Here you see the “Social Snap” tab right below the “Settings” tab.
  • Select that tab and you are open to customizing your Social media buttons as your need.
  • Add buttons you need to give options to your readers.
  • After all the customization, click on the “Save Changes” button.
  • Now your Social Media share buttons are ready to use.

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